PMO As a Service

pmoaas, project, managemet, service, reporting

the service:

With our service, "PMO-as-a-Service" (PMOaaS), we offer reliable and professional support for project managers. mo²fy implements methodological toolkits, best practices, and resource allocation frameworks to streamline your projects. Additionally, we take over time-consuming back-office activities.

pmoaas, project, managemet, service, reporting

our promise:

PMOaaS allows project managers to concentrate on operational project management and, therefore, increase project success. mo²fy delivers a customized offer that fits your requirements.

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Services we offer:

Building up project systems

Building up a project system including, but not limited to: 
- end-to-end time scheduling
- control of workstreams
- tracking project progress
- reporting project progress

Management of reporting lines

Project communication with: 
- Internal stakeholders
- External stakeholders

Management of reporting structures and escalations lines with: 
- Project leaders
- Project members
- Management

Proactive management of milestones

Ensure timely delivery of projects through:
- Proactive monitoring of milestones
- Value-earned analysis
- Instigating countermeasures if problems arise

Sounds interesting? Then contact us today and secure professional PMOaaS capacities from mo²fy.

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