User Migration

user migration, user management

User migration and
business continutiy

Strategic reorientations, restructurings, and system migrations are decided faster than implemented because behind every application and database, many users and requirements need to be understood.

User migration requires detailed planning and implementation, as well as much perseverance.
Even small mistakes can have disastrous effects on the business if users are no longer able to access business-critical IT.  

User migration brings with it many challenges and requirements. As numerous reports and battle stories show, the right know-how is required to excel.  

mo²fy helps its customers to master these requirements. We create detailed maps of the IT-infrastructures and identify dependencies in order to act user-oriented.

Services include:

• Identification of the databases to be transferred, including their users. Also, considering the "Shadow IT-infrastructure”

• Support of IT Operations in the establishment of Program- and Portfolio Projects

• Create and clarify the procedure with all users 

• Management of budgetary frameworks (e.g., acquisition and license costs)

• Management of Project Office
• Selection and provision of suitable user migration methods

• Operating a user-oriented support office

user migration, user management