Project Management

project management, methods,measures

the service:

We offer professional project management solutions through the support, implementation as well as long-term supervision of projects. We organize the set-up and operation of project management offices, design and implement methods, and create interfaces between your organization's departments.

project management, methods,measures

our promise:

Successful project management needs outstanding players on different levels. To achieve successful project results in terms of time, finances, and quality, both the experience and the know-how of the right project methods are necessary in practice. By identifying your company-specific requirements, we customize our service offering, which we want to offer your company.

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services we offer:

Taking over the project management for projects and sub-projects

Project responsibility from the start to the end of the project

We are happy to take on any role in your project. From project assistance to multi-project management, we support you with our know-how

Establishment of goals, deadlines, and responsibilities for all projects and workstreams

Forming and managing a project team with internal and external resources

We identify responsible leaders suitable for sub-projects and work packages

Defining and creating project charters

Coaching and upskilling of individual leaders and teams

Control of all workstreams and subprojects to ensure project objectives are met

Tracking and reporting the project progress in qualitative measures and in value earned

Introduction of project management procedures and methods

Understand the company’s current situation and translate your strategic plan into a project or program
Compiling a catalog of tangible measures

Depending on your organization's specifications, we recommend the appropriate project management methods and procedures for programs or various subprojects

Design, implementation, tracking, and optimization of the individual project phases:
- Initiation
- Planning
- Execution
- Controlling
- Completion

Setting up measures for early recognition and mitigation of complications

Monitoring of milestones and, where required, initiating countermeasures

Establishing the framework for the PMO Office, with reporting structures and escalation lines

Interface development to departments and company divisions

At your request, we generate diverse interface configurations to other company divisions and operationally implement them in your company.

Communication with all stakeholders (internal, external) including the preparation of regular steering committees to mobilize colleagues and executives.

Making program and project progress transparent to all stakeholders.

If necessary, we source and access additional specialist resources internally or externally.

At your request, we will transport your methods, processes and procedures already used in the company into other departments, organization forms, and company divisions. By doing so, we establish a consistent, sustainable, and standardized procedure across your company

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